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Lichess Official Blog

Chess960 Titled Arena - Back Again

Lichess Team Announcements

Chess960 Returns!

It's been a little while since the last 960 Titled Arena. For this iteration, the duration will be 3 hours as last time but with a time control of 3+2.

This event will also be preceded by a Chess960 Warm-up Arena, open to all players with a minimum of 10 rated Chess960 games.

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Announcing the 2019 Antichess World Championship

@ProgramFOX Announcements

It's on its way!

The 2019 Antichess World Championship (ACWC) is going to start on Monday 30th September! Last year, FM Vladica Andrejić (@arimakat) took the trophy home after a tense final match against @Ogul1. Will he keep the Antichess World Champion title, or will someone else take the crown? We'll find out soon...

If you're unfamiliar with Antichess, you can read the rules here:

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Who's the Boss?

Lichess Team Chess

IM Saveliy Golubov's the Boss

The September edition of the Lichess Titled Arena took place yesterday and we were treated to a whole host of streamers in a whole host of languages! Of course a notable mention is World Champion Magnus Carlsen (@DrNykterstein) who streamed in Norwegian throughout. Joining him in the non-English streams were GM Sergei Zhigalko (@Zhigalko_Sergei - stream), GM Alexander Zubov (@Alexander_Zubov - stream), GM Sergey Shipov (@Crest64 - stream) in Russian, and Sabri Can Onay Yontar (@Satranc Medya) in Turkish , and many more - post your favourite non-English streams in the comments! Joining them were the usual suspects of NM Jerry of Chess-Network fame following Magnus's games, IM Eric Rosen (@EricRosen), and a Fionchetta/Astaneh double-act.

Back to the chess, and it seemed to be business as usual for the World Champion, who was looking to regain his crown after coming second to GM Alireza Firouzja (@alireza2003) last time out. He kicked things off with a win against GM Daniel Naroditsky (@RebeccaHarris) followed by strings of wins over the next hour and a had comfortable lead. However, things were not all smooth sailing and as the halfway point approached, he faltered with 0.5 from 4 games in a row. In fact, GM Naroditsky was his kryptonite, with a tournament score of 6-1 over Carlsen - continually extinguishing the crucial fire. This allowed the rest of the field to stay close and with 30 minutes to go, IM Saveliy Golubov (@Boss1005) was only a few points behind despite scoring "just" 0.5 out of 4 against the leader.

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Announcing the 2019 Atomic World Championship

@Chronatog, @ijh Announcements

The 2019 Atomic World Championship is here!

The 2019 Atomic World Championship is now accepting entrants. The 66 best players as judged by a rating formula plus the winners of two scheduled AWC Qualifier tournaments on August 17, 2019 will be guaranteed entry into the tournament.

The tournament kicks off on Monday, September 9 at 00:00 UTC. The deadline for registration is Sunday, September 1st at 00:00 UTC. If any qualifying matches need to be played, they will be played in the time between September 1 and September 9. Full details about the tournament and rules, including how to enter, can be found at

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Young Blood

Lichess Team Chess

A Tense Titled Arena and a Titillating Twist

Yesterday's Titled Arena got off to a quick start, and to no-one's great surprise Magnus Carlsen (@DrNykterstein) took an early lead, stringing together 13 wins - maybe this is what happens when you forsake 1. g4? Also with a strong start was GM Daniel Naroditsky (@RebeccaHarris), with 11/11. The anticipated meeting of the two leaders was a very surprising King's Gambit - a theme to continue throughout the tournament for this pairing. The second of their pairings lead to the impressive victory including 14. Kxe4. However, their first result was a draw, extinguishing both leaders' fire and giving the rest of the field a chance to catch up. After the first 30 minutes, Carlsen was out in front, followed by Naroditsky and the 16 year old Iranian GM Alireza Firouzja (@alireza2003).

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