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We are a non‑profit association because we believe in a free, world-class chess experience for anyone, anywhere.

We rely on support from people like you to make it possible. If you've gotten something out of Lichess, please take a second to pitch in!

We are a small team, so your support will make a huge difference!

Where does the money go?
First of all, powerful servers.
Then we pay a full-time developer: thibault, the founder of Lichess.
See the detailed cost breakdown.
Is Lichess an official non-profit?
Yes, here's the act of creation (FR).
Can I change/cancel my monthly support?
Yes, at any time, from this page.
Or you can contact Lichess support.
Other methods of donation?
We also accept bank transfers.
And here's our bitcoin address: 15ZA4bBki3uu3yR2ENC2WYa9baVGUZ8Cf8
Are some features reserved to Patrons?
No, because Lichess is entirely free, forever, and for everyone. That's a promise.
But Patrons get bragging rights with a cool new profile icon.
See the detailed features comparison.

The celebrated Patrons who make Lichess possible