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255 members

Lichess Dev Team TEAM

Hello this is an official team for Lichess Dev.
Location: India

Forum (571)

  1. Best RebeccaHarris

    @Best fuck u and your mom , u cant beat me as well as take shield from me of main Bullet

  2. Hhahahaha I am Back RebeccaHarris

    @Best , @ihatelishogi , and many more fuckers like them who think they can beat my Dad as well as me i am @Zhigalko-Sergei son he died on jan 30 my deleting his own lichess dev account . I promised hi

  3. задачи стриеира Atomic-Gleb


  4. задачи стриеира KOT_C_XBOCTOM

    Я тоже

  5. задачи стриеира Atomic-Gleb

    я вот стример а вы

  6. @AnonymousChessKing memorial NETFLIX

    @AnonymousChessKing memorial on Winner- LM HighBuilder Courtesy- @DrNykterstein

  7. Most followed player till now Zhigalko-Sergei

    Tera baap fake bhosdika @SuperGM . Tera khandaan mere karand hi jinda hain madarchod . Teri maa ko mein 10000000 baar chodunga or teri madarchod , bhen ki lavdi maaa 100000 bar prgnant ho gi kyunki te

  8. Most followed player till now SuperGM

    Huh that's fake followers..

  9. Most followed player till now Zhigalko-Sergei

    @Liches the most followed player till now . Most fucker and bhosdika @criptelworker , @Chessdev , @france_defence . Fucker @criptelworker and @mikhapro

  10. Hi Magnus120

    @ghbzslzbvgnlkzbv lets play in arena . R u waana play with me

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